Thursday, April 29

Still eating.....

As per usual when my favorite suitcase carrier and I go on holiday, we have a "for the love of God take the damn photo" photo, this is our Wellington version. For some reason suitcase man took a liking to this piece of sculpture, and made us return on our final morning before flying back to Auckland to take a "shot". The rest of us take pictures, a man with a fairly large Canon takes shots........anyway, you can just see Sweet Mothers Kitchen in the background, I enjoyed a plate of curly fries there afterwards, to help me get over having to look like a dork in yet another "shot". The things we do........We actually ate there on the previous evening, I enjoyed my fried chicken very much, it was spicy, juicy, and came with some yummy rice, and coleslaw, one of my favs. Canon man raved over his Tuna melt, so much so I almost felt inclined to try and recreate it at home, except tinned tuna makes me gag. I mean really gag, if it gets opened in my kitchen(NEVER by me) the tin has to be rinsed and taken outside to the recycling immediately, in case I get a whiff from the bin. I wish I liked it, so healthy, so convenient, just so darn smelly!

I cant rave highly enough about our meal at Hippopotamus, it may be a weird name for a restaurant, but the food was good good good. My Bayonne ham, beetroot and goat cheese salad was sublime, the cream fraiche and truffle oil dressing was a great combo with the beets and cheese. To follow I had tender, juicy lamb rack, which was surrounded in parma ham, with a roasted clove of garlic in the middle. Read and weep people. I finished with Roquefort cheese (my dining companion was moved to comment it was a good thing we had been married so long, having to share a room with garlic/blue cheese girl wasn't immediately appealing apparently....) and a glass of Domaine Dumangin Ratafia de la Champagne, which is a sweet almost liqueur style blend of Champagne & I think a fortified wine...this is the consequence of the cocktail and wine with dinner combo, by the end of the evening the finer details are lost. Suffice to say it was delicious. Mr D enjoyed his Ostrich steak, I thought it was a teeny bit chewy, but I believe it is a pretty lean meat, and my lamb was so tender, it was probably an unfair comparison. A trio of Cream Brulee finished things off beautifully on the other side of the table, I sampled the coffee version, delightful, not too sweet, and really creamy.

I am off to make Meatloaf now, not as tres chic perhaps, but it tastes the meantime please enjoy another tourist shot, courtesy of Canon man.

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