Monday, May 3

Can you keep a secret?

After an unsuccessful attempt to find any underground restaurants here in Auckland, I am doing what any sensible girl would do and starting one of my own. It could be there are loads already operating, I am just too tragically uncool to know about them, but ignorance is bliss, and I will maintain Plum Supperclub is the original.....ha!

This has come about for a couple of reasons, I have eaten at some great restaurants , but also some pretty poor ones, and in these straightened times, forking over wods of dosh for something I know I could do better myself, in one instance while sitting on the worlds most uncomfortable chair, in a freezing draft ...well, lets just say it's irritating.
On a more philosophical note (and hopefully without sounding too far up my own backside) I believe in food and community. I am lucky to have a big family who often eat together, and I really think it is so good for the soul as well as the stomach to sit down with others & break bread. I also realize for a variety of reasons , be it time pressures, an inability to cook, or simply the fact they live alone, people don't sit down at the table and share a meal as often anymore. So that's where I come in, you can have a lovely meal, and conversation, and maybe meet some new people at my place....and I wash up:)
So, to the details:
A suggested donation of $50 (to cover my costs) gets you a cocktail, delicious three course meal (with vege option) and coffee or tea. I cant tell you exactly what you will get to eat, but I will probably never cook tripe. Unless you ask me to.
BYO vino.
You will sit with other interesting folk at communal tables (so feel free to come along on your ownsome), in a lovely dining room in Auckland (you will find out where after you book, mysterious non?)), and if you’re lucky you may even get seconds. No one will brush crumbs off the table, or comment on your choice of wine, but you can come and say hi to the chef (moi!), and marvel at my cookbook collection.....

First evening is Saturday 22th May, at 7pm, please email if you are interested in attending. Numbers are limited to 12 (that’s how many chairs and plates I can rustle up)

If you have never heard of underground restaurants (aka supperclubs or pop ups), please read about the Underground Restaurant of the fabulous Ms MarmiteLover in London, this is where I would want to eat if I were visiting …….

Plum xx


  1. Yay! I'm so pleased someone has taken the initiative and started a SupperClub here. :) I'm tempted, just need to get a few things sorted first. I'll keep reading your blog in the meantime!

    Jane (

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for the encouragement, really looking forward to the next one!
    Plum x

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