About me

Well hello there.

My name is Kristina and I set up Plum Kitchen a few years ago to talk about food and cooking, which I love, and take some pictures, which I don’t love so much........but I’m practising ok.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, with my husband, who eats pretty much everything except blue cheese, mussels and sprouts, and my two cats, Tommy & Tuppence. They prefer eye wateringly expensive cat food to anything I whip up.........

I set up a secret supperclub a few years back, which was fun but even harder work than writing a book, I hold occasional cooking classes and do the odd catering gig. For the last six months I have sold hand made crumpets at the Clevedon Farmers Market.
In between breakfast, lunch and dinner I work as an accountant for a law firm (full of people who love good food, bonus!) , sew (slowly), knit (even more slowly) and write....

I love cheese, animals, baking , mystery novels, butter, Agatha Christie, wine, baking, dodgy power ballads and mid century style. I talk about baking, cooking, travel, the virtues of a nice cardigan (manifest) and anything else that takes my fancy. Yes, I really like baking....

If you want to know more, please drop me a line

plumkitchen (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) nz

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