Thursday, April 15

Cooking classes at home.......

First night , whoop whoop! I must admit I was a teeny bit nervous, mainly around the issue of timing. Two hours seems like a long time, and I guess if you are doing a tax return, or sitting in traffic, it is. However if you are trying to teach four new recipes (plus tips and tricks) to nine lovely souls who have ventured out on Wednesday night, and paid you for the priviledge............well, two hours seemed to fly by. I think I was a tad over ambitious in the amount I tried to cram in (beginners mistake) and of course was rushing at the end. So much so the eggplant for the lamb salad never made it out of the griddle pan...........oh well. I will know for next time.

We made an oven baked risotto (which Jo is making tonight, go girl!), a chicken curry with fresh ground spices, homemade aioli, and a lamb salad, with a delish tahini dressing. I think next time I will make one more complex dish, and several simplier ones, so I can really explain things clearly, and answer questions, rather than throwing things in and out of the oven while gabbling incessently......

 Exhausted today, I cant beleive how tired I was afterwards, but took ages to get to sleep, thinking of all the things I meant to do/not do..........! Here are a few pics of the night, the kitchen got progressivly more untidy, until I was running out of places to put things down, thanks goodness Mr D is so great at washing up. I am taking him to "Winter in Wartime" at the Rialto on Saturday to say thanks, the least a girl can do surely........


  1. Hi Kristina and fellow Plum Kitchen Trainees! The oven baked risotto turned out fab (Mike wanted to lick the bowl). Had a few hic cups along the way (put stock in before putting the rice in to toast it, so toasted the rice in a small pan!). I added mushrooms and chorizo sausages - was extremely yummy! now that did it once i would do it again with more confidence. Thanks Kristina for the new dish! jo

  2. Thanks Jo, glad it went well, Chorizo sounds yummy, will put that in my next one:)

  3. Looks like fun. Especially if Mr D did the washing up!!!

  4. It was, and yes, he did plenty of washing up, what a champ! Let me know if you want to come along to the next one:)


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