Wednesday, April 21

A Middle East pizza........kinda

This is Mr D's fav supper. It is based on two recipes from Julie Le Clerc's wonderful 'Taking Tea in the Medina", a great book, with wonderful evocative pictures. Homemade pita dough , not that I think he would care one jot if it was homemade or not, rolled out onto a hot oven tray (sadly I have no pizza stone) and covered with a yummy mix of onions fried with minced lamb, a little allspice & sumac, a touch of chilli and some pine nuts. To this version I also added some preserved lemon, I thought I had run out but found one more jar lurking in the pantry from last years batch. I also added a sprinkle of raisins to the Dried Fruit Fiend's pizza........Blast in the oven until crispy, then put big dollops of yohurt over the top, with a handful of mint, a squeeze of lemon & some black pepper. Serve to waiting man on couch glued to The Pacific, basking in the glory of your sheer fabulousness. Make him do the dishes.


  1. YUM YUM YUM !!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to make this .....

  2. Enjoy, hope you like it:) I think it will be our supper tomorrow night, my mint plant seems to have sprung back to life, must be a sign!


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