Monday, May 24

Supperclub.......Big Night

After much anticipation the Supperclub opened for business. Three courses, charming wait staff, an organised cook, what could go wrong?? Surprisingly, not much.

Pudding was served before 10pm,which could be a record for me.  As with so many things in life, timing is all, and eating cheesecake, even if it does taste divine, may give you indigestion if consumed after midnight.
My friend Vanessa was most impressed, especially after she regaled fellow guests with a story which seemed to involve turning up  chez moi for dinner, and being slightly alarmed the roast was still sitting on the bench.........I didn't realize she slipped out the back to warn her sister who was baby sitting they might be slightly later than anticipated.........we don't eat early (our baby is of the feline variety, and kinda feeds herself), so I am a bit naughty forgetting others do, and may be starving by 8pm.

Anyway, my lovely waiting team (husband and sister, cheap labour) who looked terribly flash in their matching aprons, made sure everyone had a cocktail in hand, and we were off and running ...or slurping and talking as the case may be.

The menu for the evening consisted of:

Kir Royal

Jerusalem Artichoke soup with a seared scallop, chives and parsnip crisps

Goat cheese and caramelised onion tarts with beetroot and walnuts

Roast Pork Belly with sage and apple stuffing, and roast apple sauce

Potato and celeriac dauphinoise

Pear and rocket salad with whiskey vinaigrette

Banana pecan cheesecake with toffee sauce and cream

Apple pie with a cheddar crust, and proper custard.

Coffee, tea and homemade chocolate ale truffles (courtesy of my sister Liz, yum!)

Another sister Dette (I talk with a cast of thousands I'm afraid) was in charge of the lovely tables (with the odd , possibly unwanted, instruction, and glasses of vino from her partner David), as you can see I used the family shamelessly....

I am so pleased how the evening turned out, it is a great feeling to stand in the kitchen is listen to the buzz of people enjoying themselves talking and eating........if I can just figure out how to keep the sheer chaos at service time to a minimum it would be perfect.........
It was a lovely evening, although I did feel a tad lonely in the kitchen.........I did my wee blurb at the start to go through the menu and try to convince everyone the kitchen was an oasis of calm, but after that I figured I better stick to the oven and the task in hand (if I had sat down with a glass of chard after such a long day......... I may not have got up again) I managed to keep some semblance of order, for a while at least....but oh my was there some cleaning up to do on Sunday, cant believe the clean-up fairy never arrived?

Looking foward to the next one, I could be on a roll.......

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