Wednesday, June 2

Cooking Class 3

Fully booked for June 9th, we are doing 30 minute meals this time, the kind of thing you can come home and whip up after work, that is still interesting and tastes great:) I was trying out a new recipe last night for next week’s cooking class, Chickpea fritters with yoghurt dip, as if lentils were not enough now it’s chickpeas!

The recipe (Nigel Slater’s) called for soaked dried chickpeas, but I thought I would be a clever cookie & make them with tinned, all in the name of speed you understand. The mixture, with onion, cumin, chilli & loads of herbs smelt amazing, and I was feeling rather pleased with myself. I put a tad too much oil in my pan, but figured they would just fry a little quicker, no biggie. So you can imagine my surprise when I put my wee patties into the bubbling oil (a little bit hot, turn the heat down girlfriend…)………….and they disappeared! I mean totally disappeared, one minute patties, the next brown oil and no sign of life? I think the tinned peas were too wet, and in the hot oil they simply melted away………

The bit of sludge I could rescue did taste amazing so I will persevere with that one, and as Mr D did point out, it isn’t every girl who has super powers & can make her dinner disappear right before her eyes……..just not sure it’s a special power I actually want, I was quite looking forward to my fritters…….:(

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