Monday, September 26

A weekend project........

Just a quick post, I thought I would share with you the fruits of Saturdays labour, the Kitty cushion!

I have never really got my head (or fingers) around sewing, in fact I was banned by my Intermediate School sewing teaching from using the sewing machines after I broke five needles in a row. I suspect it was a faulty batch, but I was relegated to hand sewing table (all boys). This would not have been quite so bad but I had muddled up cm and inches when cutting out my pin cushion. It was supposed to fit snuggling around your wrist; mine was enormous and could have doubled as a chair cushion , it took flipping ages to sew.

Anyway, after 20 odd years I felt ready to face my sewing demons, and here is my first project. The pattern came from the brilliant Amy Butler, and is free to download. The instructions are clear and a quick trip to Spotlight furnished me with everything required.

There is nothing to encourage confidence like finishing something; I think it is a very cute cushion, and only took about four hours (at beginner snail pace) from start to finish.Tommy & Tuppence are not so sure, they do however like the look of the button eyes (my own addition, not on the original pattern) for potential chewing, so I sewed them on double tight………

Back to food, I have made Afghan biscuits for this months Sweet NZ challenge, which I will post tonight, another playlunch favourite……..

How was your weekend?

PS: While I was in Spotlight, staring at a massive wall of fabric with that glazed look of the truly overwhelmed, a woman trotted over looking equally perplexed and asked me “if I was a quilter”? I quietly informed her if there was a person in the store less qualified to ask for assistance they would be riding in a baby buggy, but I was about to ring my Mum for help so could I pass on a question? She declined & wandered off to find someone else more worthy………I suspect she is wandering still


  1. Liked your comment about your quilting expertise!

    I just love this cute Kitty cushion - and am very impressed. Both my mother and sister were/are neat and talented sewers and knitters and I missed out on that talent so I know where you're coming from.

  2. You made me laugh especially with Spotlight part.It so could have been me..two lefthands person looking lost in sea of fabric..

  3. I was so impressed with this blog.

  4. Your cushion is gorgeous - I'm totally impressed :-)
    Sue xo

  5. This looks really cute, I can spend lots of money in Spotlight but then i never finish my projects! Looking forward to your Sweet NZ entry!


  6. I also broke a lot of sewing needles when I was a teenager. Good on you for facing your sewing demons. The Kitty cushion is very cute. I faced my sewing demons with an upholstery class. It was pretty ambitions and while the chair looks finished, I know that there's a bit of work to do on the back of it. But as long as it sits with it's back to the wall, no one needs to know! Only 1 sewing needle was broken in the re-upholstering of my chair. Considering that there were times where there was 7 thicknesses of fabric to sew together, it's not bad!

  7. Cute cushion! And I forgot we called it playlunch!!!

  8. @Lesley Dont even get me started on knitting, so tricky, I have been working on the same hottie cover for about 5 years.........!?

  9. @bunnyeatsdesign Upholstry, crumbs that is ambitious! I would def be banned from the machine, those needles would not stand a chance....

  10. @Alessandra ha ha, I have to stop myself visiting too often in case I spend a fortune!


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