Monday, September 19

New bits & bobs........and a Supperclub

After a traumatic few days technology wise (something boring to do with a modem thingi, resulting in no Internet, grrrr) I am back online, and wanted to share a few new things with you.

I have added a new page On My Cookbook Shelf, sharing the food & cookery books I love, and why. It was a tweet from the lovely Millie Mirepoix asking about cookbook recommendations that got me thinking. All day, when I should have been thinking about spreadsheets & Trust accounts..........mmmmmm.
I am well into triple figures now, and thought instead of continuing to purchase, I would take another look at the books I have. Which lasted all of three days until the new River Cottage Everyday Vege arrived....anyway, if you are thinking about another purchase, have a read, you may come accross something new. Or completly disagree with me! I have added three so far, and will continue to update until I run out of books.............which is unlikely

Also take a look at my Lovely Things page, for some rather fabulous girls in snappy outfits........

And finally, the super talented Alli over at Pease Pudding is having a Supperclub on Saturday 24 September, email her for more info! I have been lucky enough to eat Chez Allison, oh my goodness you are in for a treat at her Secret Supperclub, just dont say I told you ok?


  1. Thanks for the mention on Supper Club!

  2. Glad to know your trechnical glitches are sorted out. This was such an interesting post alerting us all to so many exciting developments. I'll have to pop back to click on the links some other time. Right now, I'm doing a flash visit to catch up on reading I've missed. Amazes me how far behind I fall after only a few days of not checking in. Hope you are well and enjoying the rugby world cup games :)

  3. The cookbook shelf link wont work for me, and I was so excited by it!

    Love the new header x

  4. Hooray, thanks for making the cookbook shelf page, I love to see what inspires everyone and always looking for cookbook recommendations! (I am loving The Kitchen Diaries right now too!) Enjoy Supperclub at Alli's, sounds lovely.


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