Monday, March 14

Visiting the Farmers Market...

I was up in Kerikeri seeing my sister over the weekend, so had the chance to visit the Bay of Islands Farmers Market.
This is a fantastic market, I always find something good to buy, it is well set out and easy to navigate. I love visiting Farmers Markets, it is the best way to find out what is fresh, seasonal and local, often at a fantastic price. You can often also pick up things that are a little more unusual, which may be uneconomic for supermarkets to stock.
In Auckland I visit the Saturday Parnell Farmers Market, (for a post about that see here) or the Sunday Clevedon Village Farmers Market. Both are worth visiting for fresh seasonal goodies, and of course a great coffee

On this trip I picked up fantastic Mahoe Cheese, fresh quinces and glorious fresh figs, what a treat!

This stall, Fifteen Acre Figs was beautifully presented, with an array of fresh figs, and dried fig products. I restrained myself from buying one of everything, and brought home a gorgeous box of purple juicy fruit. This is the beauty of the market, produce that may not travel well, such as figs, is grown locally, and has to get not much further to your kitchen. I was tempted to make a simple salad, but cleaning out the freezer (what a job!) turned up a tub of Kapati Vanilla Ice cream. This made me think of warm juicy figs over cold ice cream, I don't make lots of puddings, but this was too tempting.

Roasted Marsala Honey Figs

This is so easy, but the result is utterly delicious, no one will believe how easy it is...

12 ripe figs
1/4 cup sweet Marsala (or sherry, port or even sweet wine would be perfect)
Big dollop of runny honey (my boss brought in a jar of her Dad's own honey, score!)
a pinch of cinnamon
Small knob of unsalted butter

Take your figs & slice each one through the top, leaving the base intact. Put into a small ovenproof dish , you want a reasonably snug fit. In a small bowl whisk together the Marsala, honey & Cinnamon.

 Pour over your figs, then put a small know of butter into each fig. Put into a hot 200C oven for 12-15 mins until bubbling & fragrant. Pour over good ice cream...or bad ice cream, or any ice cream you want. It will be divine either way.

This is such an elegant but easy dessert I cant recommend it enough. If you have never tried figs before give it a bash, you wont be disappointed
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 If you have a favourite producer and /or Farmers Market, make sure you vote at the Taste Farmers Market New Zealand Awards . Check here for a list of Farmers Markets in your area and get along. 
And if you see fresh figs, go for it!


  1. Those figs look amazing...but what I am really coveting are those quinces, my favourite & probably all gone when I get looking forward to quince inspired post :)

  2. Oh! Figs! Glory! So jealous right now... ;-)

  3. I'm totally the one with fig envy now, that purple colour is incredible! Bay of Islands farmers market looks great, will have to visit next time I'm up there :)

  4. :O Wish I could find fresh figs in Christchurch! Haven't yet seen them at a farmers market yet!

  5. Figs are just one of my favourites! They're also in season here in South Africa and it sends everyone into figgy heaven! We ALL want some figgy pudding! I baked some with brie cheese and salami, they were amazing. Yours look sooooo tasty!

  6. Those purple figs (especially!) look absolutely marvellous and both types are presented superbly in their little colour co-ordinated,tissue paper lined boxes!!! What a novel idea!!!

    I absolutely LOVE a fresh, plump, juicy, sweet fig. We pay a fortune for figs here (especially the black ones), so they really are reserved for special treats/occasions!

    Glad you had such a good day :)

    Keen to see what you do with your quinces...your baked figs have me drooling!

  7. Ohh those figs look beautiful. And the recipe sounds wonderful - I just looove Marsala and its magical flavour.

  8. Oh the food market looked great - wish I could go there. Don't get to food markets as often as I would like so I'll just drool at your photos.

  9. OMG, those figs look amazing, while in Sydney I had some with Proscuito and blue cheese and want to make the dish this weekend. I was a bit disappointed to find the ones which had been given to me are pink inside but green. Taste yum thou. Nice pics too

  10. Beautiful photographs :-) I could so go a bowl of ice-cream with roast figs right now! Yum!

  11. I had my first fresh fig two days ago - so delicious! I shall have to try your recipe out soon. :)


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