Thursday, January 6

Super easy Laksa.....

I cant say I fully understand the logic behind hot food cooling a person down, the same is supposed to be true of hot tea. But I do know even in the middle of summer I sometimes crave hot and spicy. What I don't want to do is turn the oven on, like most NZ homes we don't have air conditioning (actually the Minister of Finance says we do, the poor mans version also known as Open A Window.....) and the oven makes the current humidity even more unpleasant. So a quick spicy stove top supper is called for. I wont vouch for authenticity, not having ever been to Malaysia, but I can vouch for the taste, yummo.

Quick Laksa - with thanks to the Malaysian episode of Food Safari

4 shallots peeled (or use a small onion)
2 cloves garlic
thumb size knob of peeled ginger
1 green or red chilli (or use chilli flakes, or chilli paste)

Blitz together all of the above ingredients in a blender with a 1/4 cup of water, then pour into a medium saucepan containing a splash of vegetable oil. Fry for a couple of minutes, then add

1/2 jar Laksa paste (I picked mine up at the supermarket, or try an Asian grocer)
750 mls water
small can coconut cream
couple splashes of fish sauce
juice of half a lime
tsp of sugar (I used palm sugar, but brown or white would be fine)

The oil from the laksa paste will spilt out, this is perfectly normal, so don't worry!

Stir and bring to a simmer. Cook for about 10 mins, then add Tofu puffs .My green grocer has these already fried, as would any Asian grocer. You can also make your own by deep frying firm tofu in vege oil for a couple of minutes until golden. Cool, and cut in half. I know it seems a faf, but I love the way these soak up the spicy coconut soup, mmmmm! You can also use the oil to fry off some shallots. These are also available to buy at an grocer, but it takes minutes to make your own.

Pour the soup mix over rice noodles which have been soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes then divided between two bowls. Garnish with any/all of the following......

Bean sprouts
Spring onions chopped
Fried shallots
Chopped chilli
Lime wedges

You could easily add chicken, beef or prawns to the mix if you like, and vege such as mushrooms or beans, but this was plenty for us on a warm night. I made extra shallots and tofu, which will be used along with the bean sprouts (why such big bags??) and coriander for a lovely pad thai noodle dish for tonight's dinner.......


  1. That sounds delicious! Though never have come round to tofu so may have to try it with prawns.

  2. wonderful another dish for my vegetarian sister.

  3. Looks delicious, no chance of us getting the tofu puffs in Muriwai so will have to scout the shore for them. I have taken to cooking outside, even put my paella pan on the BBQ the other day, worked perfectly. Don't think I will put my new copper pans Santa brought me on the barbie tho!

  4. I plan to eat tofu this year (it is just so good for you) this seems like a really delicious way to do so.


  5. Deep fried tofu - sounds like one way of getting my vegetarian daughter to eat it! Happy New Year

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone, do try the tofu, I know frying it isnt exactly super healthy but keep the oil hot & the tofu wont absorb much fat....and it really is the best way to get non-tofu lovers on board!
    Pease I have pot envy........!

  7. Your recipes are all so tempting and this one is no exception. I just wish I had the will to cook in this heat though!


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