Wednesday, April 15


Hmmmm, I'm not sure I am off to a flying start as a "foodie" blogger (actually I hate that word, surely we all eat?), given in my enthusiasm to get online I forgot about the onions & garlic on the cooker frying for dinner...the compost bin is happy to swallow my carelessness and I start again. Tonight's supper (safely in the oven) is a Nigel Slater recipe (well it started out that way) that turns into a new variation every time it makes an appearance, which is about weekly at the moment as I am in love with Puy lentils & sausages.
Nothing like an absolute surfeit of salads & BBQ to make you crave a casserole. I have just gone through & removed two exclamation marks, I am limiting myself to one a week, but it isn't easy.......anyway, I am not sure if I am allowed to put recipes up that belong to someone else , even if heavily modified, (yes, I am that new to all this techo stuff) so I shall do some research and if all good post it tomorrow. Tonight's version has cabbage in it, which has certainly subtracted from the chic factor (it looked very "70's suburban" heading for the oven), but will hopefully add to the taste equation, which given it will be eaten in front of Sense & Sensibility & True Blood (love Wednesday night telly) on the couch in my PJ's, sorry Lounge Wear, is probably OK........
Future posts will concentrate on really essential stuff like breakfast, lunch and dinner, the garden , and all points in between:)

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  1. Hi ya! congrats on the new blog. I'm proud to be your first 'Follower'! I used your apple chutney on my chicken sandwiches - yummy! I too am a fan of using too many '!' (as evidenced by the two previous to that! and that one), but it shows how excited we are about something. Cabbage definately has a bad image and should be given more credit that the over boiled stuff of the 70's. I discovered cabbage at Ken bar, a japanese restauant in K-Rd. They serve it to you raw before the main meal as it helps your digestive system get ready to eat and it doesn't taste too bad either! I'm sure Jane Austin ate her cabbage. Look forward to your future posts. From this foodie - who loves to eat it and watch others cook it!


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