Tuesday, January 29

Dont you want me Baby.....?

Well friends it would seem my hopes of TV superstardom are to be dashed once again. Despite a cracking audition vid (courtesy of Mr PK’s very clever cousin, who kindly brought his filming expertise, amazing kit and extreme amounts of patience to my kitchen for the price of a sponge cake) and potential writers cramp filling out an extensive application form I am not to be the next NZ Hottest Home Baker……..sigh.
I am must say I thought I might at least warrant an audition, but perhaps there was a surplus of competent baking woman my age (“cough cough”) with a taste for floral aprons & nary a tattoo to be seen clamouring to appear on screen?

I shall not however waste a perfectly good film, if you would like step by step instructions in the Art of the Sponge, please ignore the references to auditions and sugar companies & enjoy….

At least I got to feel like Nigella for five minutes………..

Ellerslie’s Slightly Lukewarm but still Enthusiastic Baker xx


  1. Dude, that video is so professional. Maybe they thought you would blow away the competition?

    You could have your own show easy.

    p.s. I got the same apron and mitt set as you :)

  2. Bless, my wounded pride making a recovery, thanks! And you have excellent taste in oven wear;) x

  3. Bravo. They were so dazzled by the apron that they couldn't make a decision. I'm sure you'll reach your goal.

  4. Don't hang up your apron, I thought it was great

  5. Aww I can't believe they didn't pick you - that was a great video (and sponge cooking lesson). I do like your window seat and Kitchen Aid (I'm one of those nosy people!).


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