Wednesday, August 8

Wishful Wednesday, the beginning of an affair...(hopefully not the end of a marriage)

What a week! Firstly apologies for my technology induced hiatus, all manner of IT dramas at work (is their anything more tedious??), no laptop at home, I feel rather bored by technology. So let’s talk about something far more interesting. No, not the Olympics, (although it had been thrilling) but Kitchens!

Mr PK and I are renovating. Starting with the kitchen, following up with the bathroom, adding another bathroom and oh joy of joys, a walk in wardrobe. No doubt it will all be intensely stressful, but at least if we do get divorced the house will be gorgeous when we have to sell it & split the proceeds………just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, the architect came around with his first set of drawings last week, and I was delirious with excitement. It is only in hindsight I realise I have made a blooper. I asked for the kitchen to be moved to an area off to the side of where it is now, ending up as a very large U shape. Adding a huge wow factor and providing unbelievable amounts of storage. Amazing you would think?

Actually not. Putting washing onto a portable rack (its raining again, surprise) down the end where my cooker would be, I realised how isolated my new kitchen would actually be. Instead of being in the hub of my home, off the lounge, I would be off on my own (albeit luxury) wing. Big mistake, I like to know what’s going on, so instead I sat down with a glass of vino and pictured a bigger version of what I actually have. Instead of just moving everything, I thought about what works at the moment (the Triangle from cooker, fridge & stove), and what doesn’t (not enough storage, pantry miles away). Not having to move windows, a wall and all the plumbing will save us a fortune………….which I can them spend on exciting things like this beauty from was love at first sight.

The stainless steel version is also rather handsome.........

Is it odd to plan the kitchen around a cooker? And wander around Harvey Norman taking pictures of cookers? Wait until I take my roasting dish in for a size check.......

I also rather like this sink..........

And this rather handsome tap

Now I just have to decide on cabinets, flooring, tiles (loving these subway tiles with gray grout)

(Pic via

So many choices???!!! Any kitchen tips greatly received.................

Leaving kitchens entirely I wanted to share a great song I heard on the radio the other day. Those that know me may well be groaning at this point (that's you BFF1) , my taste in music is notoriously dodgy, but do have a listen to this from Icelandic band Little Talks, so catchy, YEAH! (the intro is in German I think, but they sing in English)

Lastly, a gratuitous cat pic (come on, it's been a while) of Tuppence in mega pose mode......she is such a star

Have a great week!


  1. Love the subway tiles....and that oven....envious! And well Tuppence is just pretty as picture :)

  2. I'm really envious that you're getting a new kitchen. Ours is on the 5 year plan! The last time we got a new kitchen, we sold the house and left it there (sob, I'm still getting over it!). I loved the subway tiles and oven too - especially the buttery yellow one. It will all be worth it.

  3. The tiles are fabulous - very fresh and different. I agree that the kitchen needs to be a social area in your house!! Have a look on pinterest - there are so many wonderful kitchen ideas on there - the site is rather addictive so beware!

  4. I love that sink too. We have excellent taste :)

    I don't think it's odd to plan a kitchen around a cooker. I wander around Noel Leeming and gaze longingly at their cookers. The coloured ones, ones with warming drawers, rotisseries....a girl can dream. We rent with no immediate plans to save for a house, we are a long, long way from renovating a kitchen. But dreams are free and they keep me amused.

    I remember reading someone else's blog and htey were renovating their kitchen. They were designing in not one, but TWO OVENS! All those time when you thought, I wish I had a second oven. Well, why not?

    As for social kitchens, absolutely. Our parties at home always end up in the kitchen.

  5. Good idea to go for the swanky gadgets instead, I'd love the cream oven!


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