Wednesday, July 11

Wishful Wednesday- get busy with the fizzy!

Ok, fess up. Who were you friends with as a kid just so you could go over to their house after school and use the soda stream? If they had a pool as well it was a double whammy, actually that was a combo that pretty much guaranteed friends.
I sound awful (although I have recently heard at least one confession of the above....) but after coming from a house where the drink of choice was water or milk (with Milo added if you were feeling flash) having fizzy drink on tap seemed pretty amazing. That it didn't actually taste that great seemed to be secondary, it was fizzy , coloured & full of sugar, yeowww! The machines themselves were pure seventies chic, orange & brown beauties that promised so much.....

So when my sister got a soda stream for her birthday I was pleasantly surprised. Gone is the bench-hogging clunky plastic look of old, the new machines are actually rather sleek, no shame sitting next to the Kitchen Aid here! So I added one to my birthday list and I am glad I did.

Easy to use, I make fresh sparkling water every day, rather than buying it and getting through loads of plastic bottles. I have a sample pack of flavours to try, although to be honest I prefer a squeeze of fresh lime in my water. Mr PK with his sweet tooth is the syrup tester, I can recommend the Creaming Soda so far....

Now, do you like a good sale? Then let me recommend the Boden sale. This UK website is an absolute cracker. I have been buying these clothes for years, they are fantastic quality, a great range of sizes, and deliver worldwide. The shoes are also brilliant, I have two friends who have brought the rather delicious pony skin ballet slippers........
Go on, treat yourself!


  1. I'm so tempted by the Soda Stream now, - I purchase soda water every week to go with whichever cordial I am enamoured with, my current favourite is Elderflower (yum!).

    Thanks for the tip on Boden. I usually purchase from Joules ( and shipping is less than 1 week, - amazing!

    1. Elderflower, yummy! I have planted an Elderflower bush but it will be a year or few before I get any flowers for cordial! I went to Joules when I was in the UK a few years back, thanks for reminding me, the polo tops are fab!

  2. The SodaStream system is designed to allow users to choose how sweet and fizzy they want their drinks. If you have used the recommended amount of syrup in your drink, try adding a little more until you find the level of flavor you like best.


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