Wednesday, November 10

Baja fish taco, gringo style..........

Lets lighten things up shall we? Summer is coming, and this recipe is a great option for those days when you want something full of flavour, but still light, and quick to prepare. I can whip these up in about 15 mins. This is also a top option for the BBQ, as the fish can be cooked and the tortillas warmed really easily on  a grill. If you are like me and cant eat anything handheld without wearing a portion of it, this taco, made from a soft tortilla rather than a crunchy corn shell, is also a lot easier to manage (or wear a bib?)

I have adapted the recipe from an episode of a great Australian show I saw a while ago called Food Safari. It was actually talking about Californian food, even though confusingly Baja California is the northern most state of Mexico. I tried to take notes as I watched, shorthand not being my forte I'm not sure how close this is to the original but we like it. The cabbage salad may seem odd, but it provides a great crunch to contrast with the soft fish, creamy sauce and zingy chilli. Try it and see.

Baja Fish Taco (adapted from Food Safari-American episode)

A small piece of snapper per person (or any white firm fleshed fish you like)

2 Tsp oil
Squeeze of lime juice
½ tsp cayenne pepper
Sprinkle of salt
Sprinkle of chilli (fresh or flakes)

Place your snapper on a plate and sprinkle over all the rest of the ingredients

Grill, BBQ or fry your fish until just cooked, then serve in a soft warm flour tortilla with the cabbage salad, some chopped tomato (or salsa) and the Baja cream, yum!

Cabbage Salad

Simply mix together finely chopped cabbage, sliced red onion, soaked in lime juice for 5-10 minutes to soften, and chopped coriander with a good sprinkle of salt. I also add fennel and radish when I have them for extra crunch.

Baja Cream

Mix together the following to taste (enough for 4 fish taco)

3 tbsp sour cream
2 tbsp thick plain yogurt
½-1 chopped fresh chilli to taste (or use chilli flakes)
Good pinch cayenne pepper
Squeeze of lime juice

Fresh tomato salsa

Simply mix together the following, tasting until you are happy with the zip factor

4-6 tomatoes, cut in half and scoop the seeds out, then chop roughly
1-2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
½ -1 red onion, skinned and finely chopped (I don’t like huge chunks of onion) If you don’t have red onions, use spring onions
Big squeeze of lime juice
Chopped fresh chilli, red or green
Pinch of sugar
Chopped coriander
Salt & pepper

I made these at my Mexican cooking class last week, where they were a hit. Mexican food can have a bit of a reputation for being heavy, meaty and cheese rich, however that is more Tex Mex food, real Mexican is lighter and spicier, very lovely friend Mairi over at  Toast , who was kind enough to take these pictures, made Watermelon-Raspberry ice for her Mexican fiesta at the weekend, which I was lucky enough to be invited to. Supper yummy, and would make a great finale to a summer meal, Mexican inspired or not.

I thought I would share my radishes with you............real, live, not yet consumed by snail ones, very exciting!

No that isn't my attempt at flower gardening, or quarrying. It is our soon to be constructed (by professionals  so will hopefully be done without mortal injury or divorce) decked entertaining area complete with pizza/smoking oven. I am so excited, it is worth the look I get from the back neighbours everytime they drive up our shared driveway and wonder what I have against rock gardens. Alot actually. For one thing they don't seem to produce anything I can eat, and for another I cant sit in one on a sun lounger sipping a cocktail while cooking a pizza. Nuff said.

Finally in the spirit of blogging honesty I will share with you entry number 7566 on the Plum Kitchen Roll Call of Honour-Making A Tit of Herself Again.
I drove into Ellerslie this afternoon (yes, I should have walked but I can never remember what time the Post Office closes) to return some clothes and visit the butcher. I was walking back to the car I'd unlocked remotely,  mentally ticking off jobs done and wondering if Feline Fusspot would eat the only cat biks I could find at Four Square when I noticed a scratch and small dent on the drivers side door. I was cursing as I jumped in, chucking my shopping onto a packet of cigarettes on the passenger seat and breathing in a massive wiff of fag smoke..........I dont smoke? Confusion for a nano second until I realised I was in someone elses car........
I nearly rammed the door into a passing bus in my hurry to grab my bags and exit the vehicle. From the way he nearly wet himself laughing I'd say the guy at the bus stop opposite realised what I had done, as I threw the shopping and remaining dignity into (my) car, and drove away as quickly as possible, thank goodness for tinted windows.......
Save an idiot and lock your car doors people!


  1. Laugh!!!!!!! So funny... and not my car. I am at the other end of town and don't smoke! For dinner tonight we are having your creme fraiche mustardy chicken and I have made your beautiful slow cooked beef casserole three times now - a great success with the other half - thank you! Plum Kitchen comes to mine. A x

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  3. love FOOD SAFARI, never miss an episode and have the book and love that you tried your hand at carjacking ....

  4. I will definitely be trying it soon!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone:) Ann so pleased you are enjoying the recipes! And so glad it wasnt your car I tried to jack.....but thanks Pod, glad the attempt has done my street cred some good anyway.....:)
    Thanks Barbara, I am still learning to drive my camera, but really enjoying the learning process:) Stephen please do, hope you love them too!

  6. The freshness of this recipe really appeals to me...mouth-watering a cliche but it happened as soon as I viewed the pics.
    My herb seeds have just poked through and I feel like a proud parent - I want to share a pic of them soon too. Would that be ok or is parent-hood blind?!

  7. Ohh I miss summer. Fish tacos are my absolute favorite!! (I'm a pescetarian) and these look delicious. So jealous of warm weather.. it's freezing here in NYC!

  8. Thanks Sally, and yep, I think you should share away, seed raising is just the best, I make daily checks on how big everything is getting, exciting!
    Thanks Savvy, and can I say even freezing, NYC still sounds very cool to a gal zillions of miles away in little old NZ:)


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