Monday, August 30 wont see this at Magnolia kids

I had to share these beauties. Today is cupcake day, raising money for the SPCA, and in celebration of this my colleague Rebecca brought these delish vanilla cupcakes in to work..........inspired by her own beloved Labradors Mollie & Wilson. Isnt she clever? I had them sitting on my desk today, making my office smell like a chocolate shop, lovely.
Wilson modelled for the fondant pooch you can see to the left. He had a wee accident in the car, so looks a tad more confused than he did this morning, but maybe it was a long day......I am especially impressed with the coconut grass, and the wee pink tongue, cute!

The model for the other, well, could have been either really, it's the fly that finishes it off nicely.....tasteful, no?
One each for pud tonight, lucky us. Even the diet diva will make an exception for a good cause.......yes, I know, very noble of me....:)


  1. That second cupcake really reminds me of one of our favourite kids' books - The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business. I'll leave you to google it! Did you eat the second cupcake? A x

  2. What a great book! Will have to get it for my nephews:) Sure did, and you know what, that cupcake tasted so good, lovely moist sponge, coconut & that weird?? Probably best not to think about it.....

  3. LOL, the poopcake is awesome!

  4. These are so cute! Brilliant idea!


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