Monday, July 26

Supperclub deux.....and hardly a wobble.

I am certainly no expert.........but my second supperclub did seem a lot easier than my first. Confidence (however misguided....!) helps, as does great people assisting, so bar the odd slip up I was really happy with how the evening went. I'm not sure I filled my guests with confidence, opening the oven door to a massive plume of acrid smoke (note to self, tray UNDER the potato gratin for when it inevitably bubbles over......) but swiftly closing the doors to the kitchen with a chirpy 'its fine, nothing burning'! had them fooled...........ya think? The oven required some serious elbow grease on Sunday.....

Mr PK and his sidekick Dominica had the waiting covered, Dette had the tables looking beautiful, all I needed was people. They were a great group, a supperclub to a certain extent relies on guests to literally come to the party, so it was lovely to have people who really got into the experience.

The hosts with the most....why are they drinking??

Gruyere & Apple Gougeres

Goat cheese twice baked souffl├ęs

Boeuf Bourguignon
Mushroom & Herb Pithivier (V)
Potato Celeriac Gratin
Homemade bread
Simple Green Salad

Vanilla pannacotta with poached tamarillo and Madelines

Cheeses,homemade walnut bread, crackers & guava jelly

I had a slightly hairy moment when I was not completely sure the panacotta had set, it is such a fine line between a wobble and a melt (and a wobbly being thrown....) but it was fine. I use 2/3 cream and 1/3 yogurt, so it is a little lighter than a full cream version. Very pretty with the tamarillo and wee Madeline's

Get your wobble on!
Sadly my ginger beer was not quite ready, so my Moscow mules turned into Kir Royals instead.....I will persevere, ginger beer wont beat me....The beef I cooked the day before, using Julia Child's recipe. Onions are browned in butter, then braised in beef stock for an hour, and added with browned mushrooms to the beef..........oh my, so soft and sweet, good onions! The beef was lovely and tender, and despite the wee oven tragedy the potato was creamy and savoury.

 Sweet onion goodness.....

A gift from a guest, lovely

Lights will guide you home.....
I really enjoyed the evening, and I hope everyone that came had a positive experience of supperclubs...........who knows, they may start one of their own! My next stop is Spain, already planning now......

A gift from my friends Matt & Briar, beautiful!


  1. Your menu sounded lovely, such a pretty dessert, I am contemplating investing in a madeleine tin...

  2. Thanks:) Oh do, they are so sweet and yet so easy, I use the Chicago Professional tins, can recommend as they really are non-stick, and not crazy expensive.


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